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Marina Container Lines (MCL)
The principal activities of MCL are international & domestic logistics operator, specializing in express and standard freight distribution network of wholly or majority owned offices in China and Hong Kong;

SKH Shipping Limited (SKH)
An affiliated company with principal activity of general agency for shipping lines, including Samudera Shipping Line in Hong Kong, and REEF Shipping in Hong Kong and China.

Net-Trans Logistics Co. Ltd. (Net-trans)
An affiliated company with sales and service office located in Shanghai and operation located at Free Trade Zone in Shanghai. Net-Trans principal activity is to provide customized logistics service to customers .

Turbo Maritime Agency Limited
An affiliated company with principal activity of offering Feeder service for the mainline operators for their containers to and from Guangdong Province. Turbo is one of the leading feeder operators in the Pearl River Delta areas Guangdong Province.

Merco Container Forwarding Limited
An affiliated company which has decades of experience in road haulage. Merco owns 35 units of prime movers and 50 trailers for domestic use in Hong Kong, and another 5 prime movers for cross border trade.

Shanghai Swift-Trans Import & Export Co., Ltd. (Swift-Trans)
An affiliated company with principal activities of general trading and procurement services in China.

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